Mission and Values

Global sustainability for global benefits


The company’s mission is to provide solutions for the industry trough the develop of innovate technologies. We seek for the global efficiency of their production processes where raw materials and other materials are transformed. We are deeply concerned about the environmental impact of their activities: that is why we provide them with sustainable technology solutions which respect the places and the world where people live and grow.  


Our vision is to reduce the energy consumption in all industrial processes related with raw materials by implantation of breakdown designs and concept of processing plants  


INNCEINNMAT S.L. is founded under the human and environmental values of equality and sustainability of the global natural resources. It is committed with the development of innovative production processes ruled by the principles of efficiency and safe environment for workers. Our values revolve around technology for environment, society and people:

  • Environment protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water recycling
  • Safe and healthy environment for workers
  • Creation of economy and generation of employment