Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, digital and circular industry 4.0

With new process technologies, AI and industrial symbiosis to maximize the recovery of combustion waste in the infrastructure sector and reduce CO2

ATRIC 4.0 is a precompetitive R&D project which general objective is to provide solutions for the valorisation of industrial wastes and gaseous streams focused on application to infrastructures and energy, with the aim of contributing to the transition to a circular economy of the process industries.

The consortium, coordinated by Acciona Construcción, is constituted by eight companies that also promote the participation of 9 research institutions, globally covering the key sectors of construction, renewable energy, industry, engineering, and TICs.

The role of CEINNMAT in the project is leading the development of an innovative microwave process to produce intermediate added value products for construction materials. The research institutions collaborating with CEINNMAT in such activity are ITACA-UPV and the group IPC-CSIC.

The project ATRIC 4.0 (MIG-20201015), with a global budget of €7.273.734 to be implemented in 37 months (2021-2024), is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and co-financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) under the program Innovation and Science Missions 2021. Specifically, the project objectives of ATRIC 4.0 are aligned to address the MISSION 3. To promote Spanish industry in the industrial revolution of the 21st century, seeking from an industrial symbiosis approach to boost competitiveness, sustainability, and circularity in key sectors of the Spanish economy, such as construction and energy, all embedded in the concept of Industry 4.0.

ACCIONA Construcción S.A. (ACONS)

ACCIONA Generación renovable S.A. (AENE)

ACCIONA Industrial S.A. (AIND)

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