Public Projects

As research and innovation intensive company CEINNMAT is participating actively in research projects and in new cooperation frameworks with universities, research centres and companies. Since end of 2012 it obtained competitive cooperative projects from European Commission.

ATRIC 4.0 Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, digital and circular industry 4.0

ECO2CAL Eco-calcination of carbonates to zero emissions with microwave and hydrogen technology. Read more

PEACOC Pre-commercial pilot for the efficient recovery of Precious Metals from European end of life resources with novel low-cost technologies. Read more

TUNER WOLF 19458-CLCS-2020-11 TUNgsten EnRichment metallurgy from WOLFramite and Scheelite ore. Read more

FUSER INNCAD00/19/108 New microwave system for eco-efficient fusion in continuous flow for ceramic industry and cements. Read more

RemovAL H2020-EU.3.5.3. ID 776469 REMOVing the waste streams from the primary ALuminium production and other metal sectors in Europe. Read more

DESTINY H2020-EU. Development of an Efficient microwave System for material Transformation in energy INtensive processes for an improved Yield. Read more

SulfoMETӔ RTC-2017-6619-5 Eco-efficient extraction of critical metals from sulfur ores by dry procedure. Read more

Torres Quevedo Research Contract Grants PTQ-17-09105. Read more

NANOFOR RTC-2016-5114-5 Advanced Synthesis of Uncoloured Nanofluorophores. Read more