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Please, read the Privacy Policy before accessing and using this website.
This policy has been issued by INNCEINNMAT, S.L. (hereinafter CEINNMAT).
In accordance with data protection legislation, and any other relevant and currently applicable legislation, the user is informed that the personal data provided, where applicable, will be incorporated into an automatic file, which will be used solely for the purposes described in the form, pre-contract, contract or offer.

Controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), other data protection laws applicable in Member states of the European Union and other provisions related to data protection is:

Avenida Ferrandis Salvador 5 Entlo., 12100 Castellón (Spain)

1. Data relating to contact persons of customers or suppliers

If you have provided with personal data as contact persons of some of the customers, suppliers or other companies that maintain contractual relations with CEINNMAT, we inform you that these are processed in compliance with the contractual relationship maintained with you with the only aim of processing your orders and/or sending you commercial information related to CEINNMAT’s activities.

The legitimate basis for this processing is the fulfilment of the contractual relationship in order to process your orders and the legitimate interest in sending information related to activities of CEINNMAT.

2. Potential customers legal entities

CEINNMAT uses the data of potential customers for the initiation and preparation of the contractual relationship and the sending of information that may be considered of a commercial nature. In this sense, the recipients of the information may be data subjects who have previously been contacted by CEINNMAT, people who contact through the contact form or through other entities. In the event that a data subject is receiving this type of information, he/she will be in one of the cases listed. The information that CEINNMAT may send is understood to be that which may be of interest to the recipient and is at all times related to products or services of CEINNMAT and in which the data subject has shown some kind of interest.

The legal basis for the lawfulness of data processing for this purpose is the preparation of pre-contractual relations as well as the legitimate interest of CEINNMAT in sending information of interest. This legitimate interest is weighed up by keeping you informed at all times of the possibility of unsubscribing from these mailings and by sending information always related to CEINNMAT products and services in which the holder was interested. This data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

CEINNMAT will keep your data as long as you do not object to its treatment.

3. Contact forms

We inform you that CEINNMAT uses the data obtained from the contact forms to answer your queries or comments. We understand that the information sent by CEINNMAT is that which may be of interest to the recipient and at all times is related to products or services of CEINNMAT and in which the holder has shown some kind of interest.

The legal basis for the lawfulness of data processing for this purpose is your consent when making the enquiry. Under no circumstances will this data be passed on to third parties.

CEINNMAT will keep your data as long as you do not object to its treatment.

4. Data relating to candidates

In the event that you have provided your data to CEINNMAT as a potential candidate to join CEINNMAT, we inform you that CEINNMAT will use the data exclusively to manage your application for any vacancies that may exist in CEINNMAT. The data provided will be kept for a maximum period of two years. The legitimate basis is your consent in sending your identification and/or curricular data.

5. Data communication to third parties

No data will be transferred to third parties unless legally obliged to do so. However, it is possible that, for the proper provision of services, CEINNMAT may have to communicate certain personal data to third parties that provide services, exclusively for the proper functioning of the company. In any case, these data communications that may be made will be carried out as a processing order by said third parties, for the provision of services to CEINNMAT, which will imply access by the third party to the personal information.

In this sense, CEINNMAT will have the corresponding treatment manager contracts with third parties that process or access personal data.

6. Exercising rights common to all personal data

The owner of the data has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether CEINNMAT is processing their personal data and, therefore, has the right to access their personal data, rectify inaccurate data or request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary, as well as to oppose the processing of their data for any purpose set out herein, for example, for the sending of commercial information.

You have the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing and portability which may be exercised by: 

– e-mail:

– Postal mailing: Avenida Ferrandis Salvador 5 Entlo., 12100 Castellón (Spain)

In any case, the owner of the data can go to the corresponding supervisory authority to present the claims that he/she considers appropriate, in the case of being located in Spain, to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

7. Accurancy of data and updating

CEINNMAT presumes that the personal data provided through the different channels and media are truthful, that they are provided directly by the owner, that the owner is who he/she says he/she is, that the data are up to date, that the affected/interested party will communicate any modification of his/her data as soon as it occurs.

8. Duty of secret

Persons who are involved in the processing of data concerning natural persons and who directly or indirectly access the files shall at all times observe secrecy with regard to the personal data that come to their knowledge in the course of their work. The Duty of Secrecy constitutes an obligation for CEINNMAT, the members of the management and governing bodies, the persons contracted under labour law, the professionals providing services contracted under commercial law. It is also an obligation for suppliers of goods and services and their employees, data processors and their employees, those subcontracted by the data processor and their employees. The obligation of secrecy survives the termination of the employment or commercial relationship established with CEINNMAT, the Data Controller, as well as after the expiry of the employment or commercial contracts, etc., that link the employees and/or professionals with the data processor and the suppliers that provide goods or services to CEINNMAT.

9. Recommendation of websites/pages

CEINNMAT, when recommending or linking to websites/webpages, considers them to be of interest to the user. CEINNMAT has no obligation to supervise the websites/webpages it links to or recommends. They have been created by legal entities, natural persons or non-personal entities outside CEINNMAT. CEINNMAT does not intervene in their management, finance them, decide on their content, nor does it manage or participate in the services provided by the linked or recommended websites/webpages. CEINNMAT will cancel any link and refrain from recommending the website/page when it has reliable evidence that it and/or the services it provides are illicit or harm the property or rights of third parties liable for compensation.

10. Use of cookies

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11. Data security

CEINNMAT has implemented in its work centres, premises, systems, communications infrastructures, etc., the security measures required by the Personal Data Protection regulations. It has also adopted the logical, physical, organisational, contractual, etc. measures that prevent unauthorised access by third parties to the data, its destruction, modification, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, or reuse.

In any case, you should be aware that Internet security measures are not unbreakable.

12. Validity and modification of the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy established by CEINNMAT is in force from the date of its publication on the corresponding website; the user may file and/or reproduce it. CEINNMAT is entitled to modify its Privacy Policy by informing the user.

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