Pre-commercial pilot for the efficient recovery of precious metals from European end-of-life resources with novel low-cost technologies

PEACOC project, started 1 May 2021, is an EU-funded project with the aim of demonstrating on a pre-commercial pilot scale (TRL7), a novel, economically and environmentally viable metallurgical system for the recovery of precious metals (PMs) from variety of end-of-life (EoL) resources abundantly available in EU, more specifically: i) Auto-catalysts (platinum, palladium and rhodium) ii) Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (golden) and iii) Photovoltaic panels (silver). In this way, PEACOC expects drastically reduce the supply risk of PMs for the European industry, enable new business opportunities for recycling SMEs, and consolidate the position of large industries (recycling companies, refineries, automotive, metallurgy) in the EU.

The project has a global budget of €12.838.997,50 and it is constituted by a consortium of 19 partners from 8 European countries and Turkey. CEINNMAT, contributing with a budget of €713.387,50 (2021-2025), will be responsible of the development, engineering, and construction of a high-temperature and high-pressure microwave flow reactor system for leaching of the EoL residues (WP6), as well as in validation of the pilot (WP7), with participation in WP9, WP10 and WP11 to maximize the impact of the results of the project.

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